• Italian white wine vinegar is produced according to a well-established tradition. Made from white wine, it is the most common type of vinegar. For our production we use white wines from our own lands. The result is a vinegar with a delicate aroma and a smooth, rounded and lively flavour. Perfect with legume salads and white meats White wine vinegar can be used for many household applications and, being environmentally friendly, can be considered a natural remedy.
  • Our apple vinegar is made from the juice of fine Italian apples that are grown, picked directly from the trees and pressed according to strict quality criteria.¬†With commitment and passion we ferment the apple juice into cider and then into vinegar, taking care to preserve intact all the precious invigorating characteristics that a long-standing tradition attributes to this delicate condiment. This marvellous vinegar is the perfect accompaniment to all kinds of salads, giving them a fresh and intense taste. Apple cider vinegar is not only tasty, it also has remarkable beneficial and healing properties.
  • Old, established and simple rules. Our Balsamic Vinegar is made by following simple rules: good aged wine vinegar, cooked must from the typical area and adequate time for maturation in wood. A versatile condiment with many combinations. It can be used with everything, on meat and fish dishes, cooked and raw, on ice cream and with fresh fruit.
  • Obtained by fermenting rice flour from the Lodi, Pavia and Vercelli areas. Acetic fermentation then takes place. The fermentation process is similar to that of sake. Once the desired acidity is obtained, it is left to mature.